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A social gathering where, upon arrival, the objective is to make the attendees exclaim, "What the fuck!?". The strongest reactions are usually brought about by strange outfits, wigs, nudity, new girlfriends or boyfriends, body paint, or other unordinary items.
"I'm going to Lisha's WTF party tonight in an afro wig, cheetah leotard and flippers. Oh ya, and Bill is my date."

"But you're a dude...?"


by TAM-A-TRON September 10, 2009
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Acronym for Wombat Task Force Party, a coalition for ASB elections at Castro Valley High dedicated to defeating our Leadership opponents
Vote for the WTF Party because WE don't molest little children! Guaranteed 100% Leadership free!
by The Jew March 21, 2005
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WTF stands for Wombat Task Force.A group of talented individuals, ranging from a mexican communist, a radical jew, and a bunch of other lovable characters. Their main goal is to bring down the Prep Dictatorship, and shove our non-sandled feet into their arse. They're bound to piss of as many snobs as possible and help out the under dogs all over school. The Wombat Task Force was almost named the Whiskey Task Force, but that idea was shot down like an american soldier in Iraq.
"Man did you hear about the kids in that WTF Party?"
"Yeah, I hear they snort coke and molest little kids."
"Bitch please, that's the other party."
"Oh yeah, they have a pretty sweet theme song."
by Vicky March 21, 2005
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