An acronym commonly used in many "AIM" screen names, yet no one knows the true meaning of it.
Juan: Hey! I heard you finally got a new screen name, your old one was lame... What is it?!

Sammy: Ohh yea, It's wpu6. I'm not sure why, but I like it! :D
by Pseudomaster48 May 02, 2010
Wish People Understand! Understand becomes Understood in Past tense! (more common)
Sarah tweeted: People need to believe that seatbelt is for their own safety! WPU!
by ForeverSpn August 13, 2013
white piece of uncircumsized skin, (wah-pus)
fuck chelsea, ur such a w.p.u.s!!
by sumaiya January 03, 2006

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