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White Power
by Blackie May 11, 2003
351 329
werewolf pussy; a pussy so hairy it resembles a werewolf's face.
That chick totally has a WP.

I got lost in the jungle that is her WP.

Nobody likes a WP.
by Founder of the WP July 22, 2008
5 21
Also known as a working professional, the six figure salary is what everyone aspires to achieve from life. It allows you to wear your hugo boss suit daily, to drive around in your bentley continental and to appear to be a really swell guy.
Maycroft is not or ever will be a WP.
by PWCroft May 15, 2008
6 22
wp refers to a white person, slang term used by a blacks to talk about them in specific or general.
Matt you are my favorite wp.
Them wps drive me crazy.
by Lycus January 11, 2006
6 22
Abbreviation for White Phosphorous.

Type of grenade used extensively during the Vietnam War. Upon detination, white phosphorous is spread over a wide area. While often used offensively, it's most prolific use was with tank, aircraft and helicopter crews. Upon the eventuality that they had to abandon their vehicle, they would detonate a WP grenade on equipment they did not want to fall into enemy hands.

White phosphorous is a particularly horrific weapon due to the fact that phosphorous reacts violently with water, thus any attempts at extinguishing the fire would result in it getting worse.

Troops were uneasy about using WP as it is very unpredictable and it has a high spread radius.

The radio designation for White Phosphorous is Willie Pete.
Better bring a few Willie Petes for this fire mission Bill, we don't wan't Charlie getting his hands on these XM16's...
by M1969 January 20, 2005
29 46
abbrev. of Wendy's Picnic

a social event where all involved hop into cars to order food at a fastfood joint and then park their cars to enjoy their fine repast on the lawn and/or sidewalk outside the delightful establishment
We're all hungry and it's after 10PM. Who's up for a WP?
by mike mosey May 29, 2004
9 26
Whiney P*ssy
Needs no explanation.
by The Pope May 13, 2003
6 23
Short og "Wrong Person", if you pm some1 you shouldn't have pmed.
To xxkoolguy: Yeah so i meet this noob, and he was like "omg..."
To xxkoolguy: wp :$
To cantas: Yeah so i meet this noob, and he was like "omg..."
To cantas: and oh, btw, very embarrasing, i wrote this to another :$
by Kragx May 18, 2006
17 35