White Power
by Blackie May 11, 2003
Abbreviation for the word wallpaper, specifically of the digital variety.
1. I found a pretty new wp for my desktop on the internet!
2. I'm such a nerd that I expect everyone to know what wp stands for!
by Latrine May 20, 2005
Wanhat Parrat - HT federation
Wanhat Parrat hattrick federation
by Kuuba January 05, 2005
White Phosphorous - Used in WP grenades.
The American M15 grenade contains about 15 ounces, along with a small bursting charge which ignites the phosphorous and scatters it over a 17 metre radius. The phosphorous burns for about 60 seconds at more than 2000 K (which is higher than the melting point of steel), and it will naturally ignite every flammable object in the area.

The burning particles can also embed themselves into human flesh, where they will continue to burn, causing excruciating pain and sinking deeper into the victim's body. Water can only provide temporary relief, as the particles will spontaneously re-ignite the moment they dry. They must therefore be carefully picked out before re-ignition or doused with copper sulphate, which will prevent re-ignition.
This type of grenade will cause severe, possibly even fatal injuries to enemy soldiers, and worse yet, its smoke is highly toxic and can also injure or kill. WP grenades are generally used to clear rooms or trenches or other confined areas where it is unlikely that shifting winds will blow the resulting smoke back into your face.
by Diego November 18, 2003
Noun: The pasty, waxen complexion of a youth who spends too much time alone in his bedroom.
Abbreviation of "Wanker's Pallor"
"Ew! That's a definite case of WP! I'd hate to change his sheets..."
by Stooo March 18, 2003
When you run out of beer .
Dude we finished all the beer, but the night is still young! Lets play some wp (water pong)
by rawwrr9 July 22, 2011
Abbreviation of the term: wrong person

Used in online chatting to someone when you have accidentally sent a message to them that was supposed to go to another person. By replying “wp” to the person you accidentally sent the message to, they know that it wasn’t for them.
Tom: Last night’s party was great!
Paul: Yah superb
Tom: Remember when we drunked and stoned that chick?
Jim: Wtf? I didn’t do that.
Tom: oops, wp
Jim: kk
Paul: You there?
Tom: O yah sorry. I wp someone.
by Pirune May 11, 2009
Also known as a working professional, the six figure salary is what everyone aspires to achieve from life. It allows you to wear your hugo boss suit daily, to drive around in your bentley continental and to appear to be a really swell guy.
Maycroft is not or ever will be a WP.
by PWCroft May 15, 2008

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