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WOTB=Whip Out The Bitch

When someone unexpectedly flips out and/or becomes enraged in bitchiness.
Tina: Hey, Sammy.
Sammy: Leave me alone! Do not speak to me ever again!
Tina: Wow, way to WOTB.
by Bill Ryder April 03, 2010
2 2
also known as Wrath of the Barclay

An online refuge where people who like dressing up as clowns and have an inferiority complex over their much more successful neighbours achievements. Many of the people who frequent this kingdom of the damned have issues involving female siblings, can have difficulty typing caused by their additional fingers getting in the way and have a strange speech impediment.
I was so upset bout Grant Holt and my sister/auntie/uncle Bob on toosday and I going on my compooter to flounce on WOTB
by o'nek eht eulb June 14, 2013
4 6