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A term that is strictly used as a description of a uniquely frustrating and difficult personality type, and NOT as a racial slur.

Typically, WOGDUMB describes a person who displays at least one of the following personality traits:

- Despite an obvious lack of intelligence, the person exhibits total belief in their mental capacity and/or clarity of thought.

- Is so dim that they are actually not capable of realising how dim they truly are.

- Has absolutely zero self awareness about the fact that their own words often totally invalidate their own opinion, or whos words effectively argue a viewpoint that they are opposed to.

- Is incapable of becoming, or even attempting to become, more informed or better educated through logical or factual discussion.

- Manages to accidentally butcher their chosen language by improperly using common or colloquial sayings, without realising they have done so.

- Is totally devoid of any understanding of the subject on which they speak, contrary to their own strong belief otherwise.


- Ricky, of Trailer Park Boys

- Guido Hatsis

- George W. Bush

- Paris Hilton

- The Gotti Boys (TV series family)

- Pauline Hanson

"Jesus that bloke is so WOGDUMB!"

"Poor, simple, WOGDUMB bastard..."

"If he/she was any dumber they would be WOGDUMB."

"That chick I dated last week was mad hot, but totally could never work between us."
by K9GUY June 01, 2009
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