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Woman Of Color, or Women Of Color.

The acronym WOC is often used in personal ads, such as those on craigslist.
Newly single seeking young WOC.
by Suenami March 29, 2006
MD,DC,VA area slang word that means: Waste Of Cum.
Flavor flav is such a woc
by zachmotion January 27, 2010
W.O.C A.K.A Waste of Cum. Best way to describe how worthless someone is or someone no body likes and should have been a jack off.
Jeff is such a fucking W.O.C
Your the largest W.O.C ever
That store is full of W.O.C's
My 8th grade Math teacher is a W.O.C
by cuntmuffin55 May 30, 2008
to be way outta control
That bitch is woc!!
This party is woc!!
by sha-lala January 05, 2006
Term for cow's milk invented in the '60s in an Illinois middle school as an experiment in linguistic divergence.
I like woc and cookies.
Did you hear about happened to Ken? Somebody told a joke and he shot woc out his nose!
by Anonymous October 14, 2004

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