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A radio station up in Salem, MA that plays pretty good music and stuff. They're in Halloween Headquarters, so they're most definitely badass automatically.
Person 1: Hey you, have you listened to WMWM Salem today?
Person 2: No, I'm a culturally deprived tool.
by Silivrenion August 04, 2009
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Abbreviation of Whatever yo Momma Works in McDonald's. Usually comes with a mime done by the hands where the W is formed with your thumbs touching each other, pointing up plus both index fingers are also pointing up while other fingers are hidden away. This forms the W and is inversed (i.e. the aforementioned fingers point down) when doing them M.

a W-M-W-M is shown in quick succession in time with "Whatever yo Momma Works in McDonald's".
In an interaction with two people (typically a cussing match) Person 1 says something Yea yea yea, dude you suck. Person 2 then replies with "Whatever yo Momma Works in McDonald's" while at the same time showing the WMWM.
by Andy B with the Bass March 11, 2009

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