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"What my cock?" as coined by MC D-Lyte, the Belarusian Roger Eberts, at his movie review site
The ending to T3 (that was not 3-D but still) is very WMC but still so sweet because it leave a window open for so many good mythologys to continue. But then Hollywood and McG have to go and fuck it up with Terminator: Rise of the Audience to Get Their Moneys Back.
by Nikolai Salcidovich April 28, 2010
wag my cock
similar to smh (shake my head)
"Yo Peter and Karen are back together!"
by 800813tr4pp3r March 30, 2010
Weapon of mass confusion

Usually seen on a blog site when a picture is posted that makes no sense at all.
*picture of non sense*
Blogger: WMC!!!!!!!!!!
by dick punch December 22, 2009
WMC is the name given to the toughest gang in Derby. WMC can stand for, Wilmorton Massive Crew, Wilmorton Multi-Cutural Crew, We Make Cash and Weed Money Coke. Gang Members either went to Wilmorton Primary School, Wilmorton College or both. Some members never went to either but live in Wilmorton or have spent a lot of time there. WMC members might be seen at club Red, Bespoke or Saddlers on a Friday and Saturday night.
H8r 1:'Oi man it'dem WMC boyz ova ther u know, dey fink dere so nang pullin all d gyal dem and splashin all dat cash..'
H8r 2:'Yo man go an ax dem for 10 key of green on lay...'
H8r 1:'Nah bless im not chatting to dem..'
by WMC4LIFE December 15, 2007
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