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Wicca Lesbians United

A small support group formed by a group of women to help out those who have been subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse and rape as children. Now living as lesbian adults, they help prevent the abuse of children in day cares, schools and churches. They also have group meetings to discuss their post traumatic stress from their abuse as children. Despite having the word “Wicca” in their name, they are against all forms of black magic.

WLU is proud supporter of the LGBT community. Their logo, instead of a pentagram, is a star of knowledge.
New members are always welcome, however to join WLU you must meet 3 requirements.

1. you must be a woman
2. you must be a lesbian.
3. you must be against all forms of black magic and satanic rituals.
by SinDeep September 23, 2010

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