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We stand 13,000 strong. David Letterman called Adams St one of the top party streets in America. Celebrating anything and everything with a keg of Keystone. Macomb is the #1 distributor of Keystone in the country. We go to the Link for the drink specials, the Forum for the dancing, Two Dogs for the .25 beers, the Pace for the weekend specials and the beer garden, The Ritz for happy hour and fish bowls, Parkside for karaoke, Bootleggers for the martinis, the Cafe for the Quaaludes, and the Dog Pound for finals week. Happy hour is our favorite hour! We ride "Go West Transit" by day and the "Drunk Bus" by night. Maxim Magazine dubbed WIU as the Best Kept Secret in Illinois. We are the Leathernecks of Western Illinois. We come from near and far to live in Macomb. Purple and Gold are the colors and we wear them proud -We are Western Illinois University.
You may go to U of I to learn how to think, but you go to WIU to learn how to Drink!
by That one guy-23 March 06, 2009
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Also spelled WUIS or WUIUS (doesn't really matter)

A word that can be used to express anything. Kind of like the word "WOW!" in english, except more useful and can be used in many different ways. Normally expressed in glee, out of sillyness, for describing something that is cool, or just as a greeting. Origins of the word, however, are unclear. Was first used by Max M. Toby M. and Bayan B. somwhere in the shcool year of 2004-2005. The word is most frequently used alone and rarely in a sentence. Is most often said in an extended fashion (see example 1). Pronounciation is somehow difficult for most people. Pronounced: WEEUWSE or WUEEWSE or WUEEUWSE depending on the occasion, length of the expression, time of day, emotion, or context used in.
1: WIIIIIIIIIIIUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSS! (most common form, which is the extended WIUS)
by Bayan April 26, 2007
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A term I commonly used on the internet when I really don't want to type any thing long.

1. Computer slang for "What Is Up"
2. A phrase.
3. A word I made up.
B:what is wiu?
A:wiu = what is up
B: ok i see, not a lot you?
A: just talking to a noob
by Lagger33 January 06, 2007
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