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a Large physical specimen, usually having a genetic superiority :

often times a member of the Wirth family will have a perfect combination of 24 Chromosomes that make muscle grow and work more rapidly than others,

Wirth males also have a larger Phallus (penis) than other males.
He must be a Wirth

Oh my his last name is Wirth, that explains it
by johnswinger January 19, 2010
a wirth is the middel man in a 3-way buttfuck
christian was the wirth at the gay bathouse last night and today he is very sore
by heywood jahblomee September 12, 2007
1)The act of doing something stupid.

2)The last two notes of the "Wirth's an idiot" song, indicating a stupid act (Db,Eb).
1) Look! Matt just pulled another Wirth!

2) Tarfow just dropped his sticks again! Some one, play a wirth!
by tM December 30, 2004

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