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W.I.M.L (What Is My Life) It's a point in time when you reflect on your life and come to the conclusion that its weird, a disaster, confusing, or any extreme feeling.
"Did I just do that, OMG WIML."
by dancergirl555 May 17, 2009
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WIML is the term used by wine aficionados when they pass on a wineries allocation of wine for that year. It derives from the moniker Wine Is My Life, a well known wine geek from Texas who seemingly passes on every shipment known to man with the exceptions of Kosta Browne and Sine Qua Non.
The Rochioli allocations came out yesterday. I'm going to WIML this one.
by r8der August 03, 2010
An accronym for What Is My Life
God, i'm so amazingly hipster. WIML. I can't even deny it.
by allis.kell December 09, 2013

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