Flights with Wi-Fi access
Deadmau5 hahaha im on a plane bitch!!! and i have wifi. neat. certainly makes the flight alot less boring.
(Quote by musician deadmau5 found on Twitter and my response)

@Deadmau5 would it be called Wi-Fli?
by Twinker October 10, 2010
Top Definition
Pronounced "wih-flea." Abbreviation as in "whenever I feel like it," prompted by the increasing commonality of such insidious acronyms as COB (close of business) and EOD (end of day). Meant for use when "the man" starts to wear us down. WIFLI.
"Did you rec. that TPS report? I need a response by COB Wednesday." "Sure, I'll have that to you WIFLI."
by MCostello June 09, 2006
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