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White Guy With Guitar. Refers to the abundance of male rock/pop musicians today who seem more suited to coffee houses than the big stage.
Oh no, not another WGWG sitting on a stool wearing a plaid shirt! Bring back Bowie, please!!
by mamatron December 01, 2010
Abbreviation for-"White Guy With Guitar"

Describes the last 5 winners of the singing competition American Idol.

Each one is a white male, and each played the guitar at some point.
Each of these men may be a winner, but each is also a WGWG.

Exhibit A: David Cook-Season7

Exhibit B: Kris Allen-S8

Exhibit C: Lee DeWyze-S9

Exhibit D: Scotty McCreery-S10

Exhibit E: Phillip Phillips- S11
by percy the pirate February 16, 2013
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