Well-Fucked Woman. An acronym used in classified ads to describe a woman who has been used to good sex, and lots of it.
43, non-smoker WFW seeks man 30-50.
by Classified Reader August 08, 2006
"Waaah Fucking Waaah" - Used to tell someone to quit whining.
I spent the afternoon listening to this guy complain about everything trivial under the sun. Inside my head I kept yelling: WFW!
by Kathy G. June 03, 2009
Acronym: "wrong fucking window". Used when one sends a message to an IRC/IM window other than the indended window by mistake.
Dude, (embarrassing story here)!

Oh shit...WFW. D:
by Wevah April 17, 2006
Working from work, as opposed to wfh or working from home; working from one's place of business or office
My buddy is wfh today. The hell with him; I'm wfw.
by manlittle March 02, 2010

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