1. To listen to a University at Buffalo Bulls game on radio station WECK 1230 AM rather than watching it on TV or a live web stream.

2. To enjoy a University at Buffalo Bulls game so much that you need to pleasure yourself.

3. WECK also relates to a Kimmelweck Roll. A Kimmelweck Roll is a Kaiser Roll with Kosher Salt and Caraway Seeds. It is commonly used in a sandwich with Roast Beef. This sandwich is known as "Beef on Weck"
1. The TV broadcast of the game is blacked out in my area tonight so I'm WECKing it.

2. I'll be WECKing it all night long if we beat Kent State tonight.
by CTBullsfan March 09, 2011
the art of creeping on Facebook
Why is wecking on Lisa & Christine?

That dude is wecking.
by Ricky Rozayyy November 13, 2011

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