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Weall runnon word to describe an action which includes our group.
Possessive form of Y'all.
We'B gettin cold in here
Weall's cold in here
by Brian K. Carlson July 13, 2008
0 1
web is another term used for personal assistant
1.if you cant get through to simo, call his web would make a great web, bill
by showgun November 12, 2009
6 11
a web is a "weekend bastard", someone who rents a house for the weekend is a complete and total asshole.
"Those webs think they run the place."
by gobacktophilly August 16, 2009
7 12
Whatever Bitch.
person 1:"FTFY"
person 2:"WEB"
by An0n3m0u5 February 16, 2010
8 14