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Short for "withdrawals" as in the withdrawals that a Junkie goes through when she/he has run out of opiates.
Damn these wds are killing me, I can't eat or sleep, my whole body hurts, I got diarrhea, and I been throwing up for days! =(
by Dirty*Junkie July 24, 2010
\woods\, noun
(abbreviated) Whiskey Dick Squad. The group of females in any societal circle who are a last resort hookup. Despite being perhaps marginally attractive, they distinguish themselves by having no standards, and requiring little or no macking before giving it up. Members of the woods may also be identified by their tendency towards having filthy vaginas, and getting fingered in the poop-shoot.
What do you think, should we invite the WDS to the party tonight?

I'm so fucking horny I'd fuck the WDS right now.

When I woke up this morning i could tell by my my raging hangover, and the foul aroma that I had spent the night in the WDS.

by Don Juan IV July 10, 2008
The award given by a woman throughout her entire life to the man with the worst dick smell (WDS).
He had twigs in his shit. I don't think he had showered for days! I had to puke and wipe it off with his red bird blanket. He, by far, has W.D.S.!
by lollypoodle September 22, 2010
the Western domination set is devoted to destroying the fecc, for they are the weakest organization in the world
the fecc is weak! lets go to the WDS
by Addam Hussein March 13, 2005
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