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what does that mean?
"why are you like this, stupppidd"
by aksjldkd April 24, 2010
Why are you like this. Commonly used on twitter
Dude: -seedy comment-
Chick: ... WAYLT D:

Or positively
Fan girl: Omg! You're so pretty <3
Chick: Oh you~ WAYLT
by qwertew May 20, 2012
An acronym for What Are You Listening To. Generally a poll question forumites use and half the time it qualifies as spam.
Gamespot Forums

shimmyshnardd: WAYLT?!?!?!
gtadude: Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit
Brown Nose: Omg, this is so spamming.
by gtadude August 02, 2005

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