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That niggas gettin sent to WASCO..
by Kazzo October 20, 2008
WAsco Is an ass kicking town In Cali
That Kill their rivals shafter ass
in every thing cause they sux ass
Wasco Football Freshmen JV and Varsity(07-08) Beat all three of shafters football teams

The freshmen killed SHafter 50-0
And at the end of the Game Shafters
Football Players were crying Like
THey couldn't get laid HAHAHAHA
by Christian Tovar May 05, 2008
A city in Kali-Fornia that can kick Shafters ass like they were just a bunch of rag dolls and I'm Arnold Schwollenpecker the Govener of this fucked up state.
Wasco beat Shafter in their football game. I Arnold approve this message remeber the freshman score wasco 58 shafter 7 for the SSL championship.
by Ian February 14, 2005
A town that thinks they're L.A. when they're nothing but stupid homo's.

Go Shafter
Wasco sucks!!! Shafter Rules!!!
by Bob November 12, 2003
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