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Wish A Motherfucker Would
Ochocinco has his WAMW face on.
by paq-o September 03, 2009
90 16
'wish a motherfucker would', but only used as a fragment/part of a sentece
WAMW smack this ho!

Wish A Motherfucker Would fix this goddam war!
by WAMW45381754875 December 16, 2009
18 6
I Wish A Motherfucker Would!
Mannnnnnnn, I wish a motherfucker would (WAMW)!

Ohhh hell no! Don't make me put my WAMW (pronounced WHAM! - the last W is silent - it doesn't make sense, but we're going to make it work) face on!
by RemmyVR6 September 03, 2009
22 11