The "real"motives behind our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. similar to a "Bush-job" or being "Bushed". DECEPTION,LIES,POLITICAL INTRIGUE,COVERING UP FECAL MATTER ETC.
They really pulled a "George"on us in Viet Nam! We are in for the same kind of "waco fake-o""bush-job"if they invade Iran & Syria. I`m growing tired of being "BUSHED"like when will they tell us facts instead of the old "waco fake-o" "okie-doke"!
by Bill Blythe November 12, 2003
Top Definition
The clumsy attempt by the U.N. and Federal government to mislead and cover-up the premeditated,intentional murders of innocent men women and children killed by an assassin with a flamethrower inside a medium military tank who intentionally ignited the compound and then ran over the entrance to the underground bunker caving it in on the women and small children trapped within. A cover-up of massive proportions by the U.S. Government,such as the My Lai massacre,Kennedy Assassination,White Water,Bush Banking Scandal,Watergate etc.
Well the President really pulled a "Waco Fake-o"when he claimed there were W.M.D.s in Iraq,but none were found.
by G.W.SHRUB October 13, 2003
The current U.S.President,who is the son of G.H.W.Bush the scion of a wealthy and treacherous nazi supporting family during WW 2 who sometimes resides at his ranch in the Waco,Texas vicinity.Due to his dishonesty and deceitfullness he is known as the Waco Fake-o.
That guy is crooked as a mare`s leg,a real waco fake-o!
by FRANK PIERCE November 17, 2003
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