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A W.O.F. (pronounced w-ah-f) is a Waste of Flesh. This refers to someone who is being completely worthless. It applies most frequently to boys of high school and college age.
"I cannot believe you did that! You are such a W.O.F. !" (best used when shouted at someone in response to a completely bonehead action)
by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006
13 7
The act of playing the 'Wheel of Fortune' on Sacred-Knights.
1. He is going to wof.
2. He is woffing.
3. He woffed to death.
by Broken-Angel October 24, 2009
9 4
acronym: While/Was On Fire
he ran around wof
the car wof
by Dittman May 30, 2006
19 26
WOF: Worlds of fun. Amusement park Located in Kansas City Missouri. Should be called Worlds of Gay. Features: Mamba, Prowler, Patriot, Snoopy Land, Timber Wolf, and over priced Slushes.
Guy 1: wanna go to worlds of fun today?
Guy 2: Mayne, i Don't have Thirty Bucks to Blow out my ass.
Guy 1: your right, WOF is expensive.. Lets go to a Tech N9ne Concert.
by Poopy But Whole July 30, 2009
4 12