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Offically stands for:
We Are Completely Kick Ass

Or can be grouped as:
We Are the Children of Kickin Ass
1.) That was a kick ass party we threw. Wacka man!!

2.) Did you get invited to W.a.c.k.a?! Its kick ass!
by ZombieZ July 19, 2009

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amazing awesome beastly groups kick ass
An african american who thinks that hes white. a wanna be cracka.
That black guy dresses like a white guy what a wacka.
by shitty_g June 04, 2010
Another word for 'good' "sick" or "bad".. in a positive way.
For Example: "That Drink Was Wacka Lets Have Another"

Pronounced: Wack-ah
by Badda Bing March 31, 2007
A white boy that fails at being white.
Look at that stupid wacka suckin at being white.
by JusChillin839 January 24, 2010
A Whack cracka.
That wacka is tryin' to get up all in my grille!"
by Kremer June 06, 2004