To suddenly become unnecessarily worried, anxious, upset, or paranoid most often while under the influence of an intoxicating substance--especially marijuana.

Sometimes refers to a more favorable drug-induced mood change such as suddenly experiencing uncontrollable laughter, though the term "geek out" is more appropriate in this case.
It sucks when people wig out. Smoking in the park was awesome until Chris wigged out and made us leave. It's not like the cops would have seen us. He was just being paranoid.
by i'm tripping, not trippin' March 24, 2008
Top Definition
to freak out, go crazy, or loose the mind.
I lost my keys and now I'm wigging out!
by Caitlyn October 30, 2003
To throw a huge fit
When Ko called Johnny a bitch, Johnny completely wigged out.
by EmperorKO February 15, 2003
To trip out or act in a strange/wierd way.
Man, that guy is a wigger.
Man, that guy is wigging out.
Man, that guy is wigged out.
Man, that guy is wigging me out!

Yeah I'm just going to wig out to this music.
by biz to tha nizzle June 23, 2006
The feeling of mild depression and high anxiety when one has binged on large amounts of psychoactive substances, just as those substances, which had caused a high, where off. Usually the testy, easily annoyed, "bug-eyed" feeling brought about as stimulants such as cocaine or amphetamines leave one's system. One usually, to counteract the unpleasant wig out feeling, drinks large amounts of alcohol, smokes weed, or consumes larges amounts of anti-anxiety benzo pills like xanax.
Oh wow, I'm about to wig out. I need some xanax and weed, or else I'll go nuts. I took too much adderall. Wow.
by Arieh August 21, 2006
To throw a fit or go crazy, usually caused by something, but sometimes spontaneously caused by build up of energy.
Whoa, those guys called Jim a weirdo, then he had a total wig out, killed them, and stuffed their testicles into their mouths.
by Chrissings January 20, 2005
Someone thowing a fit over things not important.
Man! That Elizabeth has always been strange but she really wig'd out today over the printer malfunction.
by Cathie January 20, 2005
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