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An awesome free P2P program thats a great alternative to Limewire. It's also good for novices like me :)
Random Dude 1:DUUDE! I wanna see The Matrix so effin bad! I'm gonna go get on Netflix.
Random Dude 2: Nah bro, go on Vuze and watch it for free.
Random Dude 1:*Basks in Awesome Wisdom*
by .bored. August 31, 2011
Vuze is a term from South Carolina referring to an under educated African-American man who typically tries very hard to be popular, and doesn't succeed.
"Hey that guy in 4th period is such a vuze!"

"Get your ass to university James or you'll met into a vuze"

by Siriusly Sirius February 10, 2009
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