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Enjoys throwing parties in which the guests are required to bring lemons for admittance.

Is the result of sexual activity between a Frenchman and a brick.

Latin for "cockbreath."

Like all things Spanish, it is dangerous.

Can be used in replacement of the noun "noob" and/or the verb "whore".
n-You are such a Vundo.
v-Stop f*cking Vundoing the remote.

So then I joined Vundo's dedicated server and he banned me for pwning him with a barrett. I went on MSN and challenged him to a clanmatch but he refused because apparently his penis was stuck in his eye. I offered to help him remove it but he said his mom was already on the job. I was baffled by the statement, because his mom was between my thighs sucking my d*ck.
by The Soldat Community October 21, 2004
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