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Vuffle - to gnaw or chew upon a girl's hair.
Guy 1:Dude, I totally vuffled her.
Guy 2: Eww. Did ya get any stuck in your mouth?
Guy 1: Yeah, but I was drunk so I didn't care until this morning when I fished a hairball out of my mouth.
by m~cake August 04, 2009
A truffle with vodka filling.

How to make:
1) Get a syringe and suck all the melty chocolate out of the center of the truffle.
2) Replace the melty chocolate with vodka.
3) Melt a little different chocolate and use it to cover up the hole that the syringe made.
4) Refrigerate, so the chocolate doesn't melt and spill the vodka.

NOTE: Best to eat several - if you're not drunk enough, you get violently ill.
Alois Trancy is a sexy beast. And INVENTED vuffles.
by Alois Trancy is Sexy August 06, 2011
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