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Vrushali is the bestestestest friend ever. She's always there to cheer her friends up, and always has a positive attitude. She is very patient and everyone loves her. When you first meet Vrushali, you'll think she's really weird, but after a minute of talking it'll be as if you've known her forever. Vrushali is a very tall and fit young lady. She has boys glancing at her every other second. Even with all the boy attention, Vrushali is still very down to earth and humble about her great achievements. She never lies and doesn't gossip. Vrushali is one of the greatest people you will ever meet and will always hold a place in your heart. Even when you're 80 years old, the name Vrushali will bring a hint of a smile on your lips.
by Tennis4lifeee October 23, 2013
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The Indian name for "Franky". A girl who looks up her crush on the Internet so that she can dream more about him.
"Hey whats wrong with you today dear?"
"Nothing I'm just Vrushali-ng a bit"
by Lookedup Guy November 27, 2013

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