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The best Dimmu Borgir song ever..
Reis deg opp
La oss bestride
Den tanke fra vår lend
by cosmin February 04, 2004

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sexy norwegian

A song by Dimmu Borgir.
A track on Death Cult Armageddon.
Before For the World to Dictate Our Death.
After Lepers Among Us.
A Norwegian word.
Vredesbyrd kicks ass.
Have you heard Vredesbyrd?
I'll Vredesbyrd your ass if you don't shut up.
My Vredesbyrd is bigger than yours.
Watch out for the Vredesbyrd.
That's a pretty fucking cool Vredesbyrd you've got there.
by Delial The Fallen September 03, 2004
yeah dimmu borgir kicks ass
they play cool music
by jim February 16, 2004
A song that is sung by a sexy norwegian
Vredesbyrd is my favorite Dimmu Borgir song