Similar to a MILF but Vice Presidential.
Sarah Palin is a smoking hot VPILF
by jon34423543 August 29, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck.
Sarah Palin is a vpilf
by Moy zepeda October 12, 2008
An acronym standing for Vice President I'd like (to) f**k. Often used to describe Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.
Dude, Sarah Palin is such a VPilf. Did you see how many times she winked at the camera during the Vice Presidential Debate? That turned me on so much!
by Ikky Kulley Studios, Inc. October 07, 2008
An acronym meaning "Vice President I'd Like to Fuck" similar to MILF.
No matter how dumb Sarah Palin is, you can't argue that she is a VPILF.
by superozalin October 06, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck

A sexy ass vice president, who i would like to give a sneaky rafiki to
man the vice president is so fine, i would definitly put it in her ass. shes most definitly a VPILF
by fifel October 03, 2008
Sort of like a milf except it refers to one who either is or has a good chance of becoming the next Vice President of the United States.
Have you seen Sarah Palin?!? She's a total VPILF.....
by ~Trip October 03, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck
Sarah Palin may not have many credentials, but she certainly is a VPILF
by Tony the Tyger September 24, 2008

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