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Vice President I'd like to fuck
Sarah Palin is one VPILF!
by Honzo October 15, 2008
1. Vice President I'd like to fuck.
2. Term given to Sarah Palin shortly after being announced as John McCain's running mate.
Damn! Sarah Palin sure is a VPILF!
by Bonanza86 October 14, 2008
Vice President I Like to Fuck
Sarah Palin is a hot VPILF. Thats who I'm voting for.
by roy21 October 14, 2008
Vice President Id Like (To) Fuck
Sarah Palin is such a VPILF!!!!!!!
by Mike My Hunt October 12, 2008
Vice president I like to fuck
If sarah Palin becomes the Vince President, she will be a Vice President I would like to fuck. Ya she would make for a hot VPILF
by Stalinman October 10, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck
OMG Sarah Palin is such a VPILF!
by catty244365465 October 10, 2008
Vice President I'd Like To FUCK: VPILF
Sarah Palin...she's a VPILF
by Theycallmethecount October 09, 2008