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A pubic toupee, named after the Dutch company Vonk Schaamtoupetten. These toupees are usually colorful and outrageous.
I got a vonk with red feathers and sequins on it.
by Limeasaur November 04, 2007
3 3
To punch someone in the foot, while not wearing anysort of footware including socks
Evan vonked Jimmy very hard.
by Master Abate February 09, 2008
5 1
1.To wake up first thing and masturbate.
2.to have sex before getting out of bed.
3.The sex addicts answer to wake and bake
Man I woke up and had to vonk then i fell back asleep, and when my girl got home from third shift we vonked together
by Jacob DeWayne August 29, 2006
8 5
Extreme cold
cold felt in a train station when rough. Can induce crying in grown men.
by James Pearson November 20, 2003
8 7