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1. Armenian for "How are you."

2. Currently used by the fb group "Vonces" in any manner they choose. It now stands for hi, bye, yes, no, of course, ok, etc.

3. The revolution that will be the downfall of facebook.
Abed: voOOnces ever bOOdy!
Swagger: vooonces!
Vadym: Vonnces DEEZE NUTZ!
Abed: we bout to take ovper fb arraaah
Swagger: yee doee!
Skinny: Voncess!
Abed: skiiiIInny! I missed your sexy ass ;)
Swagger: love is in the air
Skinny: yay yaayyy!
Vadym: damn I gotta go you guys, Vooonces
Abed: Vonces!
Skinny: vOnces
December: DEEZE NUTZ! :P
by abedinthehouse January 19, 2011
A character ; somebody with tons of personality
Susie was voted class clown because she is such a Vonce.
by Greeneggsandsam68 June 28, 2015
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