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1. Von Douche, a phrase when spelled in the same font as "Von Dutch", appears frighteningly similar. This particular phrase is often sported on t-shirts, by people that despise those who wear "Von Dutch" apparel.

2. How a Technocrat or Neo-Globalistmakes fun of a Junker or citizen of Holland.

3. A noun used to describe one who wears clothing that has "Von Dutch" written on it.
1. "I bought a awesome Von Douche shirt online, freakin yuppie hag at the bank flipped when she saw it! I love making fun of people who wear Von Dutch!"

2. "So I opined loftly to this landed aristocrat, 'What is your say? von Douche?'. He obviously didnt invite me to the mid-summer ball at his manor"

3. "I say, classic Von Douche" *looks at 50 year old lady wearing a tight fitting von Dutch shirt* "so absolutely vile her appearance is... very Von Douche"
by The Sneak September 15, 2004
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