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A colourful description of Victoria Bitter VB, a popular and iconic Australian beer. The term is obtained using the first two letters of 'Victoria Bitter', and is generally used as a reference to the cheap cost and powerful intoxicating effects of the beverage.
"Hey Barry 'ya tosser! Throw me a Vomit Bomb!"
by Feeds June 06, 2006
When you miss the toilet bowl while vomiting and it splatters somewhere else.
"Man, I totally vomit bombed your bathroom floor. It looks like a Jackson Pollock in there! Sorry."
by GreyEyesBlue September 06, 2015
a slang word for a common known std caught by begging someone to have meaningless sex with you, people become vulnerable to this sexual disease when cheating on their signifigant other in a one night stand. symptoms include vomiting, increased facial hair, addiction to foriegn drugs and ruined cars. you can treat this std by drinking lots of coffee and staying away from flying objects such as rocks, lawn ornaments and longboards.
ew girl i just made a vomit bomb!
by footcreamisgood January 21, 2008
A balloon filled with vomit and then thrown at someone like a water ballon, covering the unfortunate victim in vomit.

Yo, lets go vomit bomb eddy!
by yoyoyoitsben December 30, 2006
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