(n.) A small, swedish house with a panzer engine on the front and "HOWS MY DRIVING? 555-FUCK-YOU" stickers on the back.
throw as many bricks as you want at this volvo-you won't dent it.
by kung-fu jesus August 19, 2004
The Name:
Volvo is latin and means "I roll" (revolve),
a fitting name for these durable cars.

The cars are built like tanks because Scandinavians are (were) a pragmatic people prefering reliability instead of flashy features.
Surviver1: How did you survive the nuclear blast above surface!?
Surviver2: I was driving along in my Volvo...
by Slanter April 23, 2005
A carboard box on wheels,
new vovlos are soggy cardboard boxes, only ever driven by gays. Destroy on sight.
Alos probably the only car that has a driver that ignorant they will run you over
2:RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:Oh dear
by -hugin- May 20, 2005
A car driven mainly by people over the age of 60. Looks and feels like driving a 100-ton brick shithouse. You can hit curbs, pedestrians, and other cars and not leave a scratch in your bumper. If anything on your volvo ever breaks or needs replacing, no matter how small, it will cost you 800.00. If the airbag ever goes off it will most likely decapitate you too. The cupholders.... oh wait... the early 90's volvos DON'T HAVE CUPHOLDERS. If you drive a volvo you're an asshole, bottom line.
Hey look at that guy driving a volvo, what an asshole.
by Domino May 20, 2007
940 volvo WAGON (bronze tone)... the only car that will get u from point A to point B that fastest and safest... volvos can take a hit or 27, so drive it like u stole it
that asshole driver in the VOLVO (940 wagon bronze tone) just pussy whiped my civic(red4door)
by asshole behind the wheel November 03, 2003
A Swedish car company, currently owned by Ford, that in the 1960s got a reputation for making safe, reliable, and mostly ugly (except for the 1800 series, Volvo's only good looking car, made from 1959-74, and most known as the car Roger Moore drove in The Saint TV series) cars. The quality took a huge nosedive in about 1975 like the quality of many other cars. Almost overnight Volvos became completely unreliable and prone to breaking down almost on a daily basis. For some reason, Volvo's reputation amongst consumers wasn't affected much for years. They coasted on their reputation for what seemed like two decades, of course people unlucky enough to buy one would know that any Volvo made after 1974 is a pile of crap best suited for a junkyard. Not until the Japanese entered the luxury car market in the 1990s did people start to realize what pieces of shit Volvos were, and as a result their target market largely started buying Lexus and Acura. One of THE most expensive cars to repair, and you'll need to repair it often.
Volvos spend more time in the shop than on the road.

The Swedes tend to be such nice people ; how could they come up with a car as crappy as a Volvo?
by Rattus cattus October 24, 2006

BUT still the best damn cars out there!
I went to the Very Old Looking Vehicular Object dealership to buy a new C70.
by Anthony March 01, 2005
The most extreme wagons known to man, from Scandinavia to the West. Best with absurd stickers, fuzzy dice, and beaded seat covers that arab taxicab drivers use. It's cool when the interior fabric rips off because your friends can carve things in the orange foam on the roof. It looks like people are laughing at you but they're really crying because they know they will never be as Extreme as the Volvo 740 Wagon. It's a hearse on Anabolic Steroids that only Scandinavia could conquer.
"Now THAT is an extreme Volvo."

"The 1990 Volvo 740 just owned my Camaro!"
by John Foppe August 14, 2003

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