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Abbreviation for Vanilla Coke
In the fridge, there's a Voke, it tastes ill
Cause it's flatter then a bitch on a big wheel
by ..::[F34RInc]::. July 24, 2003
an abbreviation of "metal" or hardcore vocals
"did you hear those sweet vokes on that avenged song?"

"hell yeah "
by exus June 30, 2009
Vodka and Coke.
E.g. Person A: What's in that?
Person B: Oh it's just vodka and coke.
Get it voke.
by Lil Princess Sweetie March 21, 2009
Irritating self centered wench with delusions of grandeur. Often plays intrument... poorly. She is always free of culpability and responsibility. Known to grow horns and shoot flames from her eyeballs whilst chasing the innocent with her trident. Likes buttons and shiny objects. Believes herself to be a strong independent woman.... and she never complains. Is eagerly awaiting producing multiple irish offspring (NOT recommended)
That chick is such a vokes!
by crackweasel August 06, 2006

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