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A delicious mixed drink comprised of beer (usually of the lowest quality) and vodka (always from a plastic handle). The vodka is poured directly into the beer can after several sips have been taken. The vodka and beer enhance each other's flavors and the result is a drink much greater than the sum of its parts. In some circles a vodkabeer is also known as a skelly. The drink is believed to originate in the Worcester, MA area, mainly at Holy Cross and WPI.
Hey bro, let's shotgun some vodkabeers and go do cartwheels on the football field.
by rumpelstiltskin12 April 19, 2010
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A mixed drink consisting of vodka and beer. Generally only made with the cheapest and lowest quality ingredients.
1: "What the hell are you making?"
2: "Vodkabeer"
1: "That looks disgusting"
2: "It's really not. Here, try some."
1: "Oh wow, that's not bad at all!"
by Adrnshw6 April 19, 2010

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