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When one is incapable of having sex due to their inability to "get it up" because of heavy alcoholic consumption. Also see whiskey dick.
Diane wanted to fuck, but I couldn't get anything going because I had vodka dick.
by littlecheese December 15, 2005
noun. \'vad-kae\ \'dik\. An extended erection lasting at least 2 times longer than clinically defined whiskey dick. Typically 4-5 hours. The resulting ejaculation from Vodka dick has 4 x more force than a standard sober release. Vodka dick is normally achieved when 9 (vodka) drinks or more are consumed with in a 2 hour period according to the AMA.
So we fucked, and fucked, and fucked and fucked and fucked, and fucked, and fucked. I got more KY and fucked some more until until I finally overcame the damn Vodka Dick.

My stamina was incredible last night! Unfortunately the Vodka dick made me knock her tonsils loose when I came, and she still has cramps in her lips.
by Rusty Loins March 24, 2011