Vo is used as a shortening of the word 'obviously', simply because it is too long a word. Although it may sound odd when speaking with someone, it is surprisingly useful for people who are extremely lazy/have learning difficulties.
Person 1: Would you like a skittle?

Person 2: Well vo.
by Jon Miesner October 24, 2006
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totally friggin hot
Robin: Did you see that teacher?

Cookoo: Oh yeah! The new math teacher?

Robin: Yup. Shes totally Vo dude.
by Captain Crissma May 03, 2009
Noun : A cute asian that has been bless with two large and deep dimples that does what he wants. His hugs are the best as well as his spooning abilities. He does things like a champy and has come up with many words such as danky hoe and in situations in which he can not think of anything to say, he simply states the word nerp in an asian fashion. He is simply amazing and his amazing-ness exceeds that of human capabilities. The only explanation behind this is his squinty eyes, yellow skin, and supreme asian-ness.
Girl : VO !
Girl: VO, your hugs are the best !
VO: I know(:
Girl : typical VO ! ahah
by IEatMuchoRice April 01, 2010
body odor of the vagina

as in BO
damn thats girls got some serious VO
by Josh Barbieri March 21, 2008
V.O.: Vaginal Odor. Similar to B.O.(Body Odor) only specific to one region of a woman's body.
1.) That girl is so dirty!! I bet she has major has major V.O.!!

2.) Someone needs to get that ho some VOderant...
by S to the J June 05, 2007

1) Volume, traditionally in reference to sound, the degree of loudness of sound
Matt: Yo! Scroltch up the VO.
by A. Quick August 23, 2007
Stands for "vaginal obligation." The excuse men use when they're being pussy whipped into doing something. Vaginal Obligation is the reason you watch The Notebook with your wife with a bottle of white wine in the hopes of a BJ later that night.
"Steve, did you just say you saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway last week? What are you, a queer?"

"Nope. It was a VO."

"I got VO'ed into seeing "The Backup Plan" by my girlfriend last week. I'm such a pushover.
by mikealope September 23, 2010
Abbreviation of "vos" which means "you" in spanish, this term is used by uruguayans, it's used to get someone's attention in a friendly way.
"Vo! que haces?, todo bien?
by Horacio_14 June 02, 2007

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