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Shes the prettiest girl in your school. All the boys and girls want to get with her. She normally has guys falling over her. Probably has brown eyes and hair. She's soooo funny, shes absolutely the girl you go to advice. You might want to hate her, but you really can't. Might try and steal your boyfriend, she'll probably get him too.
damn, look at Vlora, id hit that. - dont you have a girl?- so? shes VLORA - true
by BabyxGirl September 26, 2011
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An oddly exotic European girl. She may come off as a loner, but she just prefers to keep to herself instead of socializing with the vast majority of idiots out there. She has a striking beauty but doesn't flaunt it. Seems shy at first, but you'll discover later on that she's a wild, sensuous fiend. Her bitchiness is very sexy and no man can resist her. She's a rare find, a diamond, and a guy should never let her go.
by Strugman April 30, 2013

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