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A total faggot and stranger who will stand behind you and your best friends, thinking he's one of your best friends. Whereas in fact he is a retarded dipshit with Asperger's that never talks and laughs whenever you make a joke that only you and your friends COULD get.
He is a lowlife scumbag, who's only purpose in life is to piss off everyone he is in the area with.
Wood_Man: LOL remember that one time when we ate cheese?
Dymoncrush, Qui Qon, Rmaa and Xermos: YEAH LMAO!! *all laugh*
Vlijm: *laughs*
Dymoncrush: *whispers to everyone but Vlijm* What the fuck that Vlijm guy wasn't even there why is he laughing?
Xermos: Dunno bro, but seriously why the fuck is he following us all the time?
Rmaa: Seriously he is starting to piss me off.
Qui Qon: My body is ready.
by Gingerbrood September 07, 2012
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