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A drink made of vodka, Kaluha, and milk.
The Dude's favorite beverage is a white russian.
by adamisaspaz March 04, 2003
The newest and most powerful bud on the market, it's a cross between AK-47 and White Widows, hence the name. Truly an ungodly plant, you're usually blazed off your ass halfway through your first hit.

There is honestly nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, out there more powerful than the Russian, as proven by it's current dominance in the Cannibus Cup. Generally sells for double standard dro prices, or close to it. Very, VERY, worth the price.
"God damn man, warn me before you pack the White Russian!"

"Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, that was some nice herb, was the White Russian?"
by raidenfighter February 16, 2005
a tasty drink, loved by the dude, made with 1 1/2 oz Vodka - 3/4 oz Kahlua - 3/4 oz Light Cream or Milk.
"hey, The Big Lebowski is on tv! make me a white russian, it's starting in a minute!"
by lauren brackenbury July 28, 2005
The very very tastiest alcoholic beverage, though it's lacks any sort of kick if that's what your looking for.
I'm glad there was a definition for White Russian here.
by Sober Drunk June 11, 2003
1. A cocktail containing vodka, kahlúa (or another coffee liqueur such as Tia Maria) and milk (or cream).

2. An old-fashioned term to refer to Belarusian people.

3. A collective term used to refer to the various groups who fought against the Communist Red Army in the Russian Civil War of 1917-23. Also used to describe the supporters of these groups who emigrated from Russia after the Red Army won the Civil War.
1. The Dude drinks a lot of White Russians.

2. Historically the White Russians were contrasted with the Great Russians (modern Russians) and the Little Russians (modern Ukrainians) as the three East Slavic nations.

3. In the aftermath of the Russian Civil War so-called "white émigré" communities thrived in cities such as Paris, London and Shanghai.
by backpacker_x2 February 06, 2011
A drink made by guys who pretend they're experienced drinkers.
My neighbor made White Russians all the time.
by chicagoman619 July 08, 2014
Sex move when you are with a girl who is lactating and you take some breast milk in your mouth and mix it with vodka then swallow
Breast milk and grey goose = white russian
by chileanlover September 13, 2011
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