A man who has no sympathy for anyone in bountyhunter. He will farcast you all day. A man with no respect for any of his subscribers, and is only making videos for publicity. Also known as "A Noob".
Person 1: "bro! help mage on me north west orb!"
Person 1:"its vividvv!"
Person 2:"Fuck that man your on your own ip, is out!"
by SlimJim88 October 23, 2008
Top Definition
A mighty high level runescape player, both insanely rich and insanely skilled.

Often makes youtube videos on pking and other acheivements on his youtube channel "Vividvv".

~TasteMyDbolts-Youtube name~
"omfg did you see vividvv's new bh vid? its crazy!"

"yeah but have you seen his bank? talk about rich!"
by Tom Wiltshire (Dally 321) October 23, 2008
A famous runescape player, his networth is well over 2 Billion Gold Pieces (GP), He has made around 7 Pk videos, all of Expert quality
Ownage pker Vividvv
by iblkwolfi December 08, 2008
Notorious bully of the online game, "RuneScape." Vividvv can often be found picking on lesser players in a combat game called "Bounty Hunter." Vividvv can also be used as a verb.
1.) PlayerA: "Oh shit, it's Vividvv!"
2.) PlayerA: "Oh no my stuff!" PlayerB: "You just got Vividvv'ed."
by Jay of SwiftIRC October 25, 2008
Someone who owns in the game called runescape in the arts of pvp.
Does zezima have the traits of a vividvv?
No Zezima is a noob he can't pvp.
by Mxgdmn123 October 23, 2008
a dirty hobo that lives in a 3 story cardboard box. with a high resolution computer screen that is always on. while he plays runescape, he owns the other hobo's that have deiced o play. while makeing himself a multimillionaire
vividvv owned all noobs to make enough change to pay for his membership
by l0st poetry October 23, 2008
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