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Vitaflora (Veet-ah-Floor-ah)

Derived from the Latin word "Vita" meaning life, and "Flos" meaning "Flower". Add an A and an R and take out the S in "Flos".

Vitaflora means "Flower of Life" or "Life Flower"

It is the word used to describe the medicinal flower of the cannabis sativa plant that is not of the "Hemp" Variety.

Vitaflora is a flowering plant/tree species belonging to the Cannabicaea family
Johnny uses Vitaflora to ease his arthritis pain..

Sally did some research on Vitaflora and found it has many medicinal uses.

The people call it "Vitaflora", for it gives life!

Bobby is a Vitaflorist because he likes to cultivate good Vitaflora

When Ally grows up she would like to be a Vitaflorologist
by Amused Consensus December 06, 2009

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