The third national language of the Philippines after English and Tagalog. This language is speaked in Cebu, Negros Oriental, most northern islands. This language also has a little spanish thrown in.
Some visaya(visayan) words

nemo - yours
ganahan ko - i like
buang - crazy
bayot (not sure about spelling) - gay
by <3Tiffy May 07, 2006
Top Definition
A group of islands in the central part of the Philippines, known for its tourist spots, women, and the hospitality of the Visayans (people from the Visayas).
(1) Some of my relatives live in the Visayas region.

(2) Some of the most beautiful tourist spots in the Philippines are located in the Visayas.

(3) The first European tourists to visit the Visayas were Ferdiand Magellan and his clique. (they are conquistadors, btw.) Sadly, most of them were slaughtered in Mactan island because they probably abused the locals' hospitality or the conquistadors were too arrogant or they're just plain undesirables.

(4) Make your own example about "Visayas" since I can't think of other plausible examples.
by Ian Lopez April 07, 2008
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