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Someone who has lost their virginity.
Are you a virgin or a virgout?
by Satanbeard August 18, 2007
The opposite of a virgin, i.e. someone who has lost their virginity. Whereas "unchaste" implies someone's innocence has been lost or tainted, there is no negative connotation associated with being a virgout. It is not really a term that can be used as an insult.
I was a virgin until prom and now I'm a virgout. That's just how it goes!
by mysticmegthepeg September 27, 2010
The opposite of a virgin. Someone who has had sexual intercourse.
Guy 1:Guess who became a virgout today?
Guy 2: Nice job on getting laid brah!
*Cue highfive
by IssyFar January 24, 2012
Those that have been chucked out during sexual intercourse before going the full length.
Snap: You know that Crackle?
Pop: Yeah
Snap: Hes such a Virgout, the honeymonster chucked him out before he could give her his suger.
by RibstonDom September 29, 2007