One of the wost states ever. I got the pleasure of going to school there, and it seems in alot of parts incest is rampant. Most of the state is either nigger hating hicks, acid dropping hippies, or "old money" prep families.
I took a look at a local graveyard in Standersville Virginia, I saw about 500 graves... and about 3 last names.
by I hate Virginia August 26, 2005
A fairly small state in which people think they are either "high class" or "true ghetto thug"--they are in fact neither. The favor marrying their cousins and uncles and are upset that they are not taken more seriosuly...not shit
I want to punish my family
>move to VA!!!
by Thank god im not a VA-er July 31, 2005
virginia isnt filled with confederate flag waving hicks, but the state is still southern; most of the state believes it is better than the rest of the south, since they had all the rich plantation owners; richmond is a hick town disguised as a city near the north, while virginia beach is a hick town disguised as a beach resort
virginia residents think their cool, rich plantation owners or something like that
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
A formerly southern state that sometimes likes to pretend it still is.

Contains a lot of invented nostalgia felt in a superficial way by people who were never part of the old culture.
Virginia is still a southern state the way a girl who takes it up the ass is still a virgin.
by Sam is a Dick September 20, 2007
Virginia is for lovers? This may only be true because of the extremely large amounts of incestuous "loves" that do occur. The only state where the Northern part (AKA NoVa) tries to disassociate itself with the rest of the mullet wearing, cow humping, cousin "loving" residents.
-Billy Bob, mama said I'm done with my chores for the day. Ya'll wanna go screw in the barn.
-Mary Sue, I reckon I'll be there soon, whenever Jameson finishes trimming my mullet.
by DonnyVito March 28, 2005
A slut that has no rack and her friends dogs all probably hate her
by maybebabyrogersmith January 06, 2015

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